Block chain technology enables the whole industry to support a full range of application services

Global professional Team

Established during the period of rapid development of blockchain, the company goes straight and steadily forward. At present, its team and branches are all over China, Singapore, Japan, the United States, Europe and other countries and regions.

Rich blockchain application ecology

Blockchain corporate government service cases in multiple fields such as food safety, product anti-counterfeiting, government services, online transactions, etc., ensure the credibility of data sources, pay attention to quality control and supervision, and help corporate brand upgrades.

A demand-friendly block chain platform

It provides a clear, flexible and secure block chain infrastructure and a one-stop solution combining hardware and software to facilitate the rapid deployment and ecological construction of all kinds of business partners with development and use needs.

Partners to promote the implementation of blockchain application process

Through business applications and business innovation, to maximize the characteristics of block chain, unearthed the new connection between parallel chains, between each point of the whole ecological building a Internet network, assigned to each other in trust envelops, speed up the enterprise chain upgrading process, promote the block chain can assign industry informatization, wisdom, improve the overall ecological value.


Blockchain solutions

Notarization anti-counterfeit parallel chain

It plays a role in cracking down on fake and inferior products and ensuring food safety
Based on blockchain technology, according to its basic characteristics of consensus synchronization and non-tampering, combined with notary institutions and anti-counterfeiting equipment, necessary information is collected to blockchain certificate at the key nodes of the entire product life cycle. Consumers, merchants and other entities can verify the authenticity of products and query product information through the OriginChain. The plan will help to achieve the goal of maintaining order in the commodity market, restoring consumer confidence and promoting sound economic development.

Content copyright parallel chain

Intellectual payment, copyright registration, property rights protection, etc
Digital content distribution solutions based on blockchain technology can realize the traceability of content copyright through important information chains such as knowledge payment, copyright registration and content distribution. The plan aims to reduce the involvement of third parties in copyright registration, content distribution, property rights trading and other important links, ensure the absolute security of key information, realize point-to-point distribution, and make content circulation and transactions more secure and transparent through the non-tampering

Parallel chain of Internet of Things

New retail, fast moving consumer goods and other industries closely related to life
Parallel chain of Internet of Things is a retail and FMCG line in daily life, based on the digital authentication scheme of block chain technology. With the cooperation of China Commodity Coding Center and industry and Commerce, massive commodity information of numerous physical retail stores is uploaded, which is audited and stored in the cloud database of origin chain. Participants of all parties can reach business consensus based on the commodity and service confidence index platform, enabling mutual cooperation and win-win results.

Parallel chains of data storage

Personal certificates, contracts, bills and other information and data are securely stored and effectively marked
Data storage parallel chain is a set of blockchain technology-based document management scheme implemented by origin chain and partners. The important documents, such as certificates, certificates and contracts, are digitized and stored in the data repository after being audited by the certification authority. It can solve the problem that certificates, bills, contracts and other key documents are easy to be tampered with, and ensure the authenticity of information. At the same time, it can also provide 6 reliable data for government agencies and financial service providers.

Parallel chain of public services

We will increase investment in government services, government enterprise cooperation, and smart city construction.
According to the current situation of commodity supervision and the pain points of industrial and commercial administration, based on origin Chain public service parallel chain, equipped with information verification, flow tracing, administrative planning, step up chain, law enforcement and certificate storage, etc., provides a complete set of administrative solutions with a complete set of online links and a complete set of follow-up maps; administrative steps are online in real-time, and law enforcement certificates are permanently traced, with responsibility to be traced and laws based


OriginChain is the one-stop blockchain BaaS platform. The system contains the underlying blockchain technology and IoT chips, terminal devices, mobile apps, application software, production supporting tools, etc., which are independently developed. It provides a series of comprehensive blockchain services including data storage, product traceability anti-counterfeiting, whole process control of supply chain, data authentication and process authentication. OriginChain enables blockchain technology to continue to add value to your brand and expand new business models.